Monday, 16 November 2009

Visual Language Research: Poster Analysis

Unfortunately due to my computer crashing I could not finish my my poster to the level of quality that I wanted, but below is a pretty good representation of the look I was trying to achieve, I tried to include things of my interest and my life such as the place I've been getting education from the last 2 years (and still am), my enjoyment of video games. As mentioned I had been trying to re-create the effects that artist Drew Struzan achieves in his works, I also wanted to try show my life as a kind of epic adventure bigging myself up just for laughs. I chose to complete the image in a painted style as digital painting is something I really want to learn. Once the deadline was upon me, the rest of the class and I were to reiew eachother's work.

(I was aiming for a kind cinematic look)

The most common comment was that it was a very comic looking image and that I don't take myself too seriously. I feel this is quite an accurate obvservation but I was tring to avoid a comic look in this poster, I was slightly disappointed that not many picked up on the Struzan influence at all, but perhaps it would have been clearer if the image was finished and had a more polished look. In any case I'm glad it got to this level before my computer crashed and now that it's up and running I may go back and complete this image.

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