Monday, 16 November 2009

Check This Out: The Future of Live Perfomances?

This week I went to a concert to see Billy Talent, one of my favourite rock groups perform after a cancelation a month ago. Over all the performance was outstanding and I found it very enjoyable but that's not what I'm writing about. No, what I am writing about is what could be considered as the future of music performances and merchandise. As I walked into the venue at which the band was performing I passed the merchandise booth which had the usual t-shirts posters and various other generic items but one caught my eye, a big banner posted above a table of it's own advertising USB Drives with the whole night's perfomance on it. After the show I rushed to the merch booth to purchase one of these new and wonderful formats of memorabilla, the asking price was £20 and when compared with a t-shirt which would come to the same price it's clear what the better product is.

(The future of live shows?)

Once purchasing it the woman at the counter said that the USB Drive was missing the last six tracks, but not to worry as within the lovely presentation case was a one time only code to download the missing tracks from the Concert Online website. After doing this I finally had it a perfect recollection of the previous nights show, the sound quality is really good considering that it was a recording of a live show done within the show's timescale. I feel that this is the kind of merchandising that will make future perfomances of any musician extra special for the fans, just imagine what it'd be like to have a full recording of The Beatles concert in Tokyo in 1966 after being there, you'd not only be able to describe how amazing it was but also show you're friends. This USB Drive is extra special for me as there is a section in one of the later tracks in which you can very faintly here my voice and that I also got it signed by the whole band after the show, but not to deviant from the original point, just imagine owning a copy of the only show of your favourite band's perfomace you've been to and ever will go to. I feel it makes the whole experience just that little more special, there are plently of artists who have already started doing this amoung them is rock and roll legend Kiss, Alice Cooper and Brit-ska band Madness, in a few years I can see this becoming the norm for Concerts and I already wish it had happened with previous Bands that I have seen perform live.

(Me with Benjamin Kowalski of Billy Talent.)

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