Monday, 16 November 2009

Animation Lesson Six: Modelling and Rendering

For the sixth lesson of animation I spent the whole day trying to create my Characters for my animation, there is a sense of contrast in that one was challeneging to make whilst the other was very simple. To create the dice I simple created a cube, the Chess piece on the other hand was a whole new challenege for me, being made up of many different shapes the Piece really did test my knowledge on the use of the modeling tools found in Maya.

(I used referance to make the Chess Piece)

A new technique I used whilst creating the model was using Photo-Referance to make sure that the outcome would be similar to it's real world counter part. The experience of making the chess piece was really beneficial as it also strengethened my skills with all the tools but most specifically the deformer tools for modeling (rather than animation). Overall the chess piece is made up of twelve shapes mainly consisting of round/clyander like ones with two cuboids at the top making the cross. I also became more familiar with the method in which the bevel works as to help futher the imitation of a real chess piece I added a smooth look the the edges.

(The complete renders)

To further my experiences within Maya I started to experiment with colouring my objects. Over all I was happy with the day's work and feel I've took a step closer to completing my animation as I now have my script, storyboard and actors. I just need my set and cameras and I'm ready to start animating!

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