Sunday, 15 November 2009

Animation Concept Re-Design

After spending some time with the computer program Maya, and learning how to use it to create basic shapes I came to the conclusion that computer rendering is not my strong point. Through realisation of this I decided to develop a new concept for the animation that I will create using Maya. This new concept had to be musch simpler than my previous one so I had to step back and try be less ambitious as I now knew the limitations of my abilities with Maya.

(A slightly complex item with a simple one creates good contrast.)

My new idea will involve interation between two items used within board games, a chess piece and a dice. I chose these two as they as two of the most iconic items when it comes to entertainment, I also chose them as they are fairly simple to render and can be disected into just a matter of shapes more easily than my previous concept. The basic idea that came with these designs is that the dice would bother the Chess piece and it would lead to an outburst, during the storyboard process I developed this to have more comical elements and a little refrance to a work by Hitchcock. Below is the storyboard.

(click to enlarge.)

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