Monday, 19 October 2009

What can a computer desktop tell you about a person?

That's the question, but can a computer desktop tell you about a person? Using my two desktops I'm going to try analyse myself.

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Above is the desktop from my personal computer that I use at home, all ready from the wallpaper you'd be able to tell that the user likes this design or the character that it features. There are also music applications on the desktop such as Ableton Live and iTunes, this suggests that the owner not only has an interest in listening to music but making it aswell. There are also several visual creative tools present, these are Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and the freeware application Opencanvas, it is clear that the owner has an interesting in creating art or design. There is also the program Pencil, another creative application used to animate. From these few things we can tell that the owner of this computer is heavily interested in the creative arts of art and music. There are also a few Video and Audio converters which gives the impression that the user enjoys audio and visual entertainment, along with these the application Playonline is present this suggests interest in online gaming. Finally there is a Tweetdeck, this automatically means that the owner uses Twitter on a regular basis to keep on track with friends and other people from around the world. He is also a Firefox user.

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Above is the desktop from the Mac that I use at College. First the wallpaper, this shows use that the viewer is a fan of the band Nine Inch Nails but because of the presentation of the wallpaper it may suggest that the owner is interested in photography, this is strengthened by the Image capture device program on the desktop. On the desktop we see alot of the same visual creation applications but some new ones as well, for instance Maya, meaning that the user has an interest in 3D modelling and animating. There is also the program GarageBand, this solidifies the theory of the user's interest in music making.

From looking at the owner's desktop we can tell that they are very intrested in both music, art and design, possibly photography as well. We also have an idea of their taste in music and art from the wallpaper they have on their desktops. The lack of office tools suggests that when it comes to written work they prefere to either write it up by hand or have another method. The way the applications and programs are arranged also suggest that this person is very tidy or likes to be organised.

Whilst looking at someone's desktop can tell you their interests it can never really tell you about the person themselve or how good they are at something, nonetheless it's very interesting to see what type of person your desktop presents you as. Why not look at your own desktop try see what it says about you!

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