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Creative Industries: Homework II

The homework for the class creative industries was to outline, in my own personal opinion, five of the most well known and high quality companies that work within the description of Creative Industries. This means companies and organisations that deal with film, animation and videogames design. So I'm going to write about five comapnies that I feel are some of the most well known and establish in the catagory of Creative Industries.

1. Capcom

Capcom is a Japanese company that specialises in developing and publishing Videogames. Since starting in Japan in 1979 it has grown to become an internationally known name. Since starting out as an arcade games manufacturer it has developed into a company with some of the best videogames developed under their brand, such as the Devil May Cry series, Resident Evil, Okami and many more. The reason why I believe them to be one of the more sucessful companies is that they are more recognisable due to the success of their intellectual property, the main example being the Resident Evil series, which started off as a single third person "survival horror" game and has since grown into a multimedia franchise ranging film, animation, merchandising, comic books and many sequals, spinoffs and remakes. It's clear that they have a fan base and this means they will always have potential buyers for their products, Also they have ties to the film industry which allows them to present themselfs to people who are less aware of them. This year the company's intake is up by 10% and in business sense that is quite alot, it's clear Capcom are doing well and I have a feeling they will continue to do so.

(Capcom's European home webpage.)


Founded in 1971 by film producer George Lucas, Lucasfilms is the company best known for producing the film series, Star Wars and Indiana Jones. Whilst the main company focuses on films there are many companies under it's control such as Industrial Light & Magic, one of the best special effects comapnies operating in the film industry ILM(Industrial Light & Magic) have worked on such blockbusters as Iron Man, Jurrasic Park and Transformers. The company also has Lucasarts under it's belt which is a videogames developer, mainly known for their Star Wars Videogames, the company has also developed it's own unique IPs(Intellectual Properties) such as the successful Monkey Island Series. The company laos has it's own publishing sector which handles all forms of publication based on IPs from Lucasfilm, this ranges from books to merchandising. Lucasfilm has also been the owners of THX ltd. which is a company that specialises in the presentation of sound in films, and the company also owned the animation comapny Pixar until 1986 when it was sold to Steve Jobs.
It's easy to see that Lucasfilm will be around for a while as both the Star Wars and Indiana Jones IPs are still going strong and are almost instantly recognised around the world (whether people have seen the films or not). This means that there is still a demand for products that they make, but because of their owner ship of ILM it means that they will still have an income, because of their reach across several medias Lucasfilms should be stable company well into the future.

(Lucasfilm's International webpage.)

3. Dreamworks

Founded by Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg and David Geffen in 1994, Dreamworks is an American film studio. The company has produced not only Films but animated films, televsion programmes and videogames. Their main cinema sucesses were Gladiator, American Beauty and Saving Private Ryan. Dreamworks has also teamed up with other film studios such as Paramount Pictures and Universal Studios to help produce their films but it's main success has come from animated studios most notable the Shrek series. Since then they've formed their own animation studio which has been responsible for many animated films that could rival Pixar (in quality). I feel that Dreamworks can be noted as one of the more successful companies within the film industry as it collabortaes with other companies to help make their products and their animation studio continues to be successful (even if it's always compared to Pixar), this means that they are clearly a studio that other companies trust when they're approached to do work.

(The webpage for Dreamworks Animation.)

4. Square Enix

The Japanese videogame publisher and developer by the name of Square Enix came around after the merger of the two companies Square Co. and the Enix corporation. The company is most famously known for developing and publishing the "Final Fantasy" video game franchise, this franchise could be considered one of the most well established series in the videogame industry as it spans more than 12 main games in the series with countless spin-offs, various sequels and cameos. The comapny has also acquired a number of other Videogame developers such as Taito (resposible for Space Invaders) and Eidos Interactive (Developers of the Tomb Raider series). What puts Square Enix in such high regard within the videogame industry is it's high quality visuals, these high quality computer graphics led a brief stint in cinema. The reason why I think this Company is one of the most successful is because of it's almost instanly recognisable IPs, it's involement and collaberation with other entertainment industries (notably Disney in their Kingdom Hearts franchise). Their fan base also has a very strong following which sparks the demand for Merchandising such as action figures and other memorabilia, this leads me to believe that Square Enix has plenty of milage left.

(Square Enix North America's Webpage.)

5. The Walt Disney Company

Possibly one of the most influential entertainment companies in the last hundred Years the Walt Disney Company has grown from the Disney brothers; (Walt and Roy) starting a small animation company in 1923 to the multi-national entertainment enterprise it is today. Known for their 40+ family orintated animated films, The Walt Disney Company have been entertaining generations with their high quality animtion and narratives. The company has expanded buying up other propeties to add to their own for example Pixar and Marvel Entertainment, there are also the various "world resorts" around the world, the film company, merchandising. Then theres the fact that the character Mickey Mouse is one of if not the most recognisable character around the world. It's not hard too see that Disney have worked hard to be in the place where they are now, and it's almost a sure bet that the company is going to last well beyond it's hundredth anniversary. I'm come on it's Disney!!

(Walt Disney Picture's international webpage.)

And there we have it. Five of the most well known companies (in my own personal opion) within the Creative industries label.

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