Saturday, 24 October 2009


So here we are again a chance for me to share my mad scratchings with you little... little... uh... things you! so first up is a character I came up with ages ago, I know the tv head thing has been done to death but meh I like the concept. so here is the original light-gun and sword wielding dynamic character I made up a while ago. (All images enlarge when clicked on).

(I created this guy maybe 2 years ago now?)

I've been toying with the concept of using him in an action comic, every once in a while I end up drawing as I'm still brain storming the the story out in my head. below is a doodle I did on my lunch break featuring said brain storming.

(Still not sure what the comic would be about.)

Recently in class we were asked to start coming up with characters for an upcoming brief so I decided I would do a character models for him. In the end I decided it would be best to develop something a little more interesting for the brief. Besides the original image, the design sheet below is one of the most finished drawings of this character.

(I tried to make it look semi-professional.)

and finally a little doodle I did whilst waiting for someone, I think it may reflect how I feel at the moment, haha. (I hope the joke isn't lost on people) Also Fu the Ninja from my up coming comic!

(you know you love Fu!)

So yeah thats it for this weeks doodles, I've also realised I'm a bit over due for finishing the second part of my biographical mini comic about my love for Final Fantasy VIII, so I'll try get that done soon!


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