Monday, 26 October 2009

Animation Research: Walk Cycles

After last weeks interm crit' my tutor suggested to me that I have a look at the cartoon Pocoyo and a walk cycle of the character Marvin The Martian from Warner Bros.' Looney Tunes. By looking at both of these I can further how my character would walk when rendered in 3D.

By looking at Pocoyo, I can see that the animator has animated the main character's legs in a minmalistic way using a little amount of frames to illustrate the movement of walking. The fashion in which the main character, Pocoyo walks is also very simplistic in that it's almost as though he is kicking the air when the walks, when he runs he also does the same but in a quicker manner. I can see why I was asked to look at this as it is rendered in 3D so it immediately realtes to my project, but I now have a slightly better understanding of how I could animate my character walking from watching this.

From looking at this short Warner Bros. cartoon, I can observe how the animators dealt with giving movement to the legs of character, Marvin the Martain. The way Marvin walks is by moving his legs so fast it could be described as vibrating. I can see why the tutor also suggested to analyse this walk cycle as my designed character has a simular build and shape to Marvin the Martian. I'm still undecided as to how to aimate my character's legs but after looking at these two variations I have a slightly better understanding of what may work better for my Character.

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