Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Animation Lesson Four

Last Monday in the class Animation we were finally introduced to the 3D Modelling program Maya. The main objective of the day's lesson was to construct and render shapes to make a small Truck, the tutor ran through the basics of how to build objects within Maya along with how to manipulate them as well as different types of rendering but it was recomended that I stick with pologons as they are easiest to manipulate and work with, after that I was set loose. I'm beginning to notice a more "heres what to do do it" attitude with the lessons and I feels it's been good as it's allowed me to try play around with the programs we're using and get a good understanding of them.

(There are lots of complex tools used in Maya)

The only way you can make things in Maya is by starting off with the prerendered shapes avaliable in Maya such as cubes and cylanders, by using these shapes you can create the object you desire, I was to start my truck by constructing the cab, so I had to start of with a cube. Now a cube doesn't look much like a Truck's Cab so I'm going to have to start manipulating it, by using the Insert Edge loop which when placed into the square creates a kind of lock allowing me to change and manipulate only a part of the shape rather than the whole thing. Next in Vertex Mode I can now change the appearance to achieve a look more akin to that of a truck cab. After click Freeze Transformations as this will stop the shape being manipulated again.

(The process is can be quite tricky)

Next I create a new cube, this will be shaped to create the Bed of the truck. Before that though I need to lock it into place against the cab by changing the Pivot Position to the bottom corners then using the Snap to Vertex function it'll glue straight into place. Next I form the cube into more of a cuboid and round the edges of using the Edge Mode and Bevel function, after I adjust how many sections the bevel has to create a more rounded look to the back of the truck, then I freeze transformations. Next is the Chassis!

(I'm beginning to get a grasp of this)

The Chassis uses the same tools as the truck bed, I create a new cube and shape it accordingly placing it under the truck using the Snap To Vertex function, after I then Bevel the sides to give it a more rounded look. The truck is definitely getting closer to being fully formed and the only thing it's missing are it's axis and wheels.

After being thrown into the water a little at the start I'm slowly getting a grasp of the tools but I still find it very tricky to get my head around but I feel I'm making progress. For the homework I have to finish building my truck, this will be the true test to see if I have an understanding of Maya.

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