Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Animation Lesson Four: Homework

So previously, I started to make a small truck using the 3D Modeling program Maya, now comes the tutor free lesson. Without any help from the tutor I have to model and give my little truck two axis and four wheels. First I need to create a cylinder which will act as the axis, this was fairly easy as all I had to do was create it and manipulate it's shape, now I could create another one and try replicate the original, or I could use the Duplicate tool which creates the exact same object over the original, so I just move it along until it's placed into a position I'm happy with.

(This 3d Modeling thing isn't so bad)

Now that I have my two axis it's time to create some wheels, so I go into Create mode and choose another cylinder. After manipulating the shape to resemble a wheel I then change the Pivot Position, and use the Snap To Vertex function to attach it to one of the four axis ends. I then Duplicate the shape and repeat this process.

Below is the result: a lovely rendered 2009 McFarlane style basic utility Virtual Truck, available for the low price of $999,999,999,991.

I could have Beveled the wheels but I felt it didn't go with the aesthetics of my truck. I found this little task slightly challenging but it did build my confidence in using Maya, I know I'm still not very able but I feel that I can achieve the basics of creating objects using the program. With a little practice I believe I can get more fluent in the commands and confident in using the tools.

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